Ring 186, Albany, NY

Website address:  www.ring186.org.

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Next Meeting:   
Date:  October 22, 2013
Time:  7:30 PM 
  Latham S. W. Pitts Firehouse
Latham, NY  
Contact Persons:
Michael "Ace" Russo, President
Dave Mc Clements, Vice-President
(518)-664-4357  cell (518) 275-7319
email: dmccleme@nycap.rr.com
Bill Karabin, Treasurer
email: amazingkarabini@gmail.com 
Helen Patti, Secretary
email: hpatti@nycap.rr.com 

Nancy "Rowdy" Rosekrans,
E-mail Editor
(518) 732-1259
email: rowdytc@juno.com
            2013 Monthly Meeting Agenda 
January -- Rough & Smooth lecture
                 by Cliff Bruce
February -- Self-Working Olympics
                 by Dave Mac Donald
March -- Open House Family Party
        (note: Sunday March 31st  2 PM)
April -- Lecture by George Saterial.  
    Magic's only Two-Time Gold Medal 
        www. saterial.com
May -- Lecture by the Unusual & Unique
     Mr. Street Performer --Pete Beeble.
June --  Theatrical Review Night. Lecture
  by Director Bob Geopfert and member
  performances critiques.
July -- Lecture by Jimmy Brown.
August -- Annual Picnic  at Bob Connors.
September -- Restaurant Magic  by  
     Michael "Ace" Russo.
October --  Jay Scott Berry with SAM
November -- Election and open mic
December -- IBM & SAM Holiday Party.
       Don't forget to check our website to keep up on things.
David Mac Donald keeps that running and up to date and interesting!
                                     THANK YOU 
 To Michael "Ace" Russo for the great evening of restaurant
 magic to the two couples that were dinning out.  I might add that the waiter was pretty good too!   You can "catch" him at the Real Seafood Restaurant. Check with him if you are planning to attend to see him making sure he is there.   Open mic after was enjoyed with a couple of the members participating with some fun stuff from Zack that cracked us all up! 
IDEA'S----------we need ideas for next years meetings.  Contact one of the officers on the side bar if you have any ideas for themes or what you would like covered.  Maybe you'd like to teach something.  Talk to Ace or Dave McClements.                      
                              October meeting
 This opportunity is so wonderful for us. SAM is having Jay Scott Berry coming for a lecture.  It happens that this falls on OUR regular meeting night of October 22nd. At present time it will be scheduled for the Latham (S.W. Pitts) Firehouse on 226 Old Loudon Road.  Members of our IBM Ring # 186 as well as the SAM members will be free.  Any others will cost $20.00 payable to Joe Goode, president SAM #24. 
                                November Meeting
This is scheduled for the Flea Market but that will not be until January's meeting and that should be back at a "new" Boght Firehouse. So the November meeting will be election of officers.  The current officers are running again.  Anyone wanting to run or nominate someone (check with them first) contact Ace.  BTW notice that Ace has a new phone number (518) 326-1103.
Afterwards open mic.
                                 * * * * * * *    
                                December holiday . . .
will be a dinner and entertainment with SAM at Moscotella's in North Greenbush.  Right on route 4 south of HVCC. December 10th.  Cost will be $27.00.  There will be no regular meeting or show like we've done before.
   If you know someone that isn't receiving this newsletter let them know what we are doing and ask them if they'd like to join The Ring.
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