International Brotherhood of Magicians

 Ring 186, Albany, NY

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Date:  August 23, 2011
Time: 7:30 PM
Boght Fire Co. Aux. Hall, Corner  of Boght Rd & Rt 9 (North of the Latham Circle)

Contact Persons:
Cliff Bruce, President
(518)-793-6776 (Home) (518-747-3261 (Store)
Dave MacDonald, Vice-President
Harry Keefe, Treasurer
Helen Patti, Secretary

Nancy "Rowdy" Rosekrans,
E-mail Editor
(518) 732-1259

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                                                 THANK YOU . . .
  To Harry Keefe for the presentation he made about his good friend of many years, Steve Dusheck.   I'm sorry that I didn't make the meeting but the report was fantastic.  Harry did more than 20 of Steve's effects, all with household and simple items.
And after; the 24 members and guests enjoyed many of the members in the open mic.                          
                                             * * * * * * * * * * 
August's annual picnic was a huge success inspite of the weather. Thank you goes out to the hosts Bob and Linda Connors. Not only was there great magic entertainment but music and ventriloquism. AND super food!
                  August's meeting
 Thread and magic are going together this month with Dave Mc Clements. 
Open mic will be sewing a fine seam!  No, only kidding, if it's threadable (is that a word?) that's fine if not come and show or ask us something else  --we are game!
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                    Dues are now long over due
If you haven't paid your $25.00 dues yet you may mail a check Payable to:  IBM Ring #186;  send to: -- Harry Keefe,
14 Brigadier St., Albany, NY 12205.  Thank you.
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Just heard that Chuck Tryon had a heart attack and is in Albany Med waiting on a bypass.
Email me for more info as I find it out. I have tried to call him and haven't connected yet.
 If you know someone that isn't receiving this newsletter let them know what we are doing and ask them if they'd like to join The Ring.
Any problems with this electronic newsletter --  Contact me (ROWDY) or CLIFF. 
 Dave does a fine job on our website with keeping everything up to date. You can always find current and past newsletters, photos of past meetings, dates of meetings and other magic related activities on the calendar page, and contact information for other members.
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