International Brotherhood of Magicians

 Ring 186, Albany, NY

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MAY 2011
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Next Meeting:
Date:  May 24, 2011
Time: 7:30 PM
Boght Fire Co. Aux. Hall, Corner  of Boght Rd & Rt 9 (North of the Latham Circle)

Contact Persons:
Cliff Bruce, President
(518)-793-6776 (Home) (518-747-3261 (Store)
Dave MacDonald, Vice-President
Harry Keefe, Treasurer
Helen Patti, Secretary

Nancy "Rowdy" Rosekrans,
E-mail Editor
(518) 732-1259

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                                                 THANK YOU . . .
  For the wonderful turnout and all the work that David MacDonald put into making the 4th Annual "Self Working Olympics" a great success! The fabulous trophy went to----
Dave Mc Clements, Walter Bixby,
                                            and Al Marshall. 
2nd place team John Murray, Willis White
                                           and Matthew Bixby. 
3rd place team was Helen Patti, Roger Borgen, 
       Bob Connors and Marty Wilson.                       
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                             May meeting
           We are hoping members will be willing share some of their favorite,  most unusual, or  most useful apparatus.  Apparatus can be anything you use to perform magic.  It can be big or small.  Anything from a gaffed penny to a box for producing an elephant.  If you can demonstrate or perform with the apparatus, great!  If not just bring it to show.  If you have a piece of apparatus which baffles you -  you don't know what it's for or how it works - bring it along and stump the chumps.  

          Dues are due.   $25.00
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June is the annual flea market so start to get everything together and priced that you'd like to sell.
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July is  "The brainstorming inventor"? ?
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