May 2009 Newsletter 

        Don't forget to check out the website! This month you can see legendary magician Fred Kaps performing a classic magic act by clicking the following link,  Happy web surfing!! 
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Did you miss the Self-Working Olympics? I hope not.  The teams were different this year, of course.  We almost doubled the amount of teams this year from last.  Thousands are wondering how Harry and Kris got on the same team.  The same thousands
are wondering why Bob and Norb didn't win, again, but came in second place, again?????    The winning team was Wil, Joel and Ray.   Ray who?   No!  Whoray!    A fun time by all.
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This month -  THE BIG SALE and Auction!
This meeting is going to be the annual Flea Market.  Gather together all the magic things you no longer do and bring them along because others may want to buy them.  Don't forget to put a price on them so people don't have to ask.
After the sale you will have a chance to buy at the Auction!
And bring your piggy banks so you can purchase something new --- to you that is.
I believe we might be able to get there a little earlier and have some setup time for the sellers.

                           DUES  --    Please!
If we want to keep meeting at the Boght firehall we need for everyone to get your Ring dues ($25.00) paid if you haven't already.  Bring it to the meeting or mail them to Harry Keefe, 14 Brigadier St., Albany, NY 12205.  Make your checks payable to "IBM Ring # 186".  It's one of the best $25.00 you will ever spend!  Thank you.  Check with Harry if you aren't sure if you paid.
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                               Coming soon -- June meeting
Dinner table magic with David MacDonald. 
Knives, forks, spoons, napkins, glasses and maybe more!  
Who told you, "You weren't suppose to play at the table?" 
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