February 2009 Newsletter

International Brotherhood of Magicians
Ring 186, Albany, NY
                                                                                    February 2009                                                                                    
Next Meeting:
Date:February 24, 2009
Time: 7:30 PM

Boght Fire Co. Aux. Hall, Corner  of Boght Rd & Rt 9 (North of the Latham Circle)

Contact Persons:
Cliff Bruce, President
(518)-793-6776 (Home) (518-747-3261 (Store)
Dave MacDonald, Vice-President
Harry Keefe, Treasurer
Helen Patti, Secertary

Nancy "Rowdy" Rosekrans,
E-mail Editor
(518) 732-1259


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If you are missing the meetings you are missing the fun and educational times.
January’s meeting was once again one of those.  Thanks to Cliff for his presentation and to all who participated.
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NOW  --- don’t miss February 24th’s. 
The theme of February’s meeting is rope magic.  Willis White will start us off by teaching some finest rope magic this side of India.  Then after the break, it will be time for “open mike.”  Everyone is encouraged to perform his or her very best rope magic.  If don’t do rope magic, then do whatever you do.  But please, try to come up with something.  Let’s try to get 100% participation. 
I hope you appreciate how well we resisted the temptation to use those tried old puns about having you on the ropes or keeping you in knots or helping you learn the ropes.  After all, this is a class newsletter and we wouldn’t want to stoop so low.
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Next month - March
Bruce Barnett, longtime member of Ring 186, creator and moderator of the Electronic Grymoire, and magical wizard of the highest caliber, has agreed to be the presenter at our March 24th meeting.  As of this writing, we haven’t finalize his topic, but it will most like deal some aspect of coin magic and/or coin boxes.  Bruce always come well prepare to give an interesting and informative presentation.  Mark the date for this meeting on your calendars.
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A reminder from Dave Mac Donald:
Our website is up and running at a much easier to remember address of
Make sure you check it out and that you sign in if you'd like to be listed.

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Any problems with this electronic newsletter --  Contact me (ROWDY) or CLIFF.  And if you have any other ideas let us know.

Rope you're dreams,
Come and join us!