International Brotherhood of Magicians

 Ring 186, Albany, NY

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Date:  January 24, 2012
 Time: 7:30 PM 
Boght Fire Co. Aux. Hall, Corner  of Boght Rd & Rt 9 (North of the Latham Circle)
Contact Persons:
Cliff Bruce, President
(518)-793-6776 (Home) (518-747-3261 (Store)
Dave MacDonald, Vice-President
Harry Keefe, Treasurer
Bill Karabin, Secretary

Nancy "Rowdy" Rosekrans,
E-mail Editor
(518) 732-1259

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  If you missed the Holiday Magic Show you missed one of the greatest progams we've had for our
guests.  A wonderful MC --Helen Patti and 4 Great magicians, Pete Beeble; Bill Karabin, "the Amazing Karabini"; Scott Payne, "Merdwin the Mediocre"; and David Mac Donald.  I think spectacular is a fitting word.  Thankx for their hard work of practice and their presentions.  Thank you to all who brought goodies to share with others.  We always seem to go home full.  Even though we had a good turnout, only a couple kids.  It was a really bad dark, rainy night for driving. I'll bet we would have had even more if the weather was a little kinder.  Thankx to all who came through it all.
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                   January's meeting  
Our own Helen Patti will be teaching tricks to teach children.  A couple of these are handy to have in your memory bank just in case. . . .if you know what I mean. 
We really want to thank Helen for being the secretary for the RING for so many years. In her place will be Bill Karabin.  We wish him good luck in his new position.
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