January 2009 Newsletter

Our holiday open-house party was a blast!
We had a nice crowd and everyone seemed to have a great time.  The refreshments were superb.  I've put on a few pounds!  A big thank you goes out  to Dave, Willis and Joe for their wonderful entertainment talents.  And  to Pete for making balloons for all of us kids.  Yes, I had to have a balloon hat too.  Also to Cliff for being our MC for the evening.
          JANUARY 27th's "CARD'S IN MOTION"

     Cliff Bruce will open this month’s meeting with a program on the life and magic of the legendary Mac McDonald.   Mac McDonald was a con man, diamond trader, inventor, and a well-dressed womanizer.  He was also a fine magician.  Both Dai Vernon and Faucett Ross praised his work highly.  He appears to have shared secrets with the likes of Malini.  He is responsible for the $100 Ace Trick which is usually referred to simply as: McDonald's Aces.
     Find out more about this interesting character and his magic. Learn how he used his magic to make money during hard economic times.
     Following Cliff’s presentation and our break for refreshments, we will have the usual open-mike session.  We encourage everyone to get up and do something.  The theme for the evening will be cards in motion.  You know; four ace assembles, cards across, rising cards, and stuff like that.  If cards don’t move you, and you don’t move cards, do whatever you like, but please try to do something.  Come join us and just deal with it;-)
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Hello everyone.  I have designed a new website for IBM Ring 186.  The address is www.ibm186.synthasite.com.  Check it for news of upcoming events, view photos of our meetings, or even watch a video of a great magician on our "Clip of the Month" page.
I am writing you to ask for your help.  We would like to put a membership directory together on the site.  This would be on our "Members Only" page which is password protected so only those with the password can access the directory.
It is totally voluntary so if you don't want to be listed you have to do nothing.  However, we hope that you will include yourself in the directory.  It's quite simple.
All you have to do is follow the link below to a form on our website which will ask you to fill in your name, address, telephone number, and email address.  You don't have to include everything.  You may wish to only include your email or phone number.  That's fine, whatever you can offer is appreciated.
I really hope you take the 60 seconds or so to fill out the form because a membership directory would be a very handy feature to our website.  Remember, the directory will be password protected so only members with the password can access it.  We will get the password to you at some point.  You don't need it yet anyway because there is nothing on the members only page yet.

Thank you and please go to this link to sign up.
David MacDonald
February's meeting:  Willis White will be on hand to demonstrate and teach some ring and rope moves along with some excellent trick knots.  The theme for the February’s open-mike session will be rope magic.
Bring some rope and hang around next month.